Testimonial from a Young Successful Athlete Brandon Livanos

A testimonial on behalf of Brandon Terence Livanos describing some of the experiences I have had since learning the technique of TM.

Before I can give insight of the benefits to my use of TM I would need to give a Brief history of how my life was before I started meditation.

7 years ago I was a very eager and healthy both physically and mentally, optimistic acrobat embarking out into a new world of possibilities

I was an elite athlete for my country South Africa
I was a high diver as well as a power tumbler who competed at a very high level and represented my country in both sports.

I placed in medal positions at world games for my sports and was recognized by my country as an elite athlete and was given every opportunity to compete and push myself to physical perfection!

because I was very high level Sports performer I was given the opportunity to start a new life using my skills I learnt over 16 years to become the next big stunt man and kind of “fell” into the performance world, I started as a stunt double on the movie called the “Bang Bang club” this was my first job in the entertainment industry, and the start of a new career.

I was asked to stunt double the A-list actor Taylor Kitsch and be his personal double for the action he would do in this film

A DREAM come true OF COURSE!

for any young athlete this was a dream come true and as for the next few years I got to work alongside some of the most inspirational actors I grew up watching on the big screen all my life such as Ryan Phillipe, Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Dane Dehaan, Tom Felton but to name a few a list that could go on.

It was a whirl pool of success in my career. driven by each opportunity that lead from one to the next and created more knowledge as a performer for me to move into the theatre world and to become a performer in the world’s most expensive and largest show the “house of dancing water” by Franco Dragone, in this show I worked my way up and quickly became the back up for the lead character

However In saying all of this and how wonderful this was with all these “achievements” and wonderful opportunities I found myself been greatly tempted.

A very mind and soul destroying life style I was the result of all this “success” I found myself now attracting.

Within 6 years of performing I found myself at the top of my game as a performer.

I started using drugs about a year into my journey as a performer and it was just social at first, every now and again or a reason to celebrate
So I convinced myself.

Before I knew we’re I was years had flown by and I was spending every cent I had earned and was actually in debt all my earnings was to go to my fuel my “habit” as I would call it,

I found myself becoming very very disjointed from people very paranoid, and very depressed, suicidal thoughts we’re often not far from mind and work took a massive impact, I was constantly injured constantly lying to cover up my tracks and was neurotically paranoid

I felt so much resentment to myself I knew to the core of my heart something was wrong but like so many hundreds of thousands of performers I just continued on and on an brushed it all off with excuses that I am eccentric I am a performer we are all very emotional people and we are free souls etc etc

My work and personal life started been affected to a large degree
My relationship with my parents started to change
My relationship with my partner became very nasty I was trapped by my own mind and a lack of confidence to reclaim my life back

A whirl pool of drugging, partying repeated itself for what seemed forever and this was dominating my life.

I could not get away from it without getting away from my life’s passion as this was part of my job to be social and to be a performer of the night!

It got to the point we’re no longer I was in control and series I events lead me to seek out for help.

A great inspiration to me was Russell Brand a man who provocates and speaks acceptionally high of TM I listen for months to his talks I researched far and high about this, till one day I decided as I felt in my guiding hearts depths that this would be beneficial to me, so I embarked on the journey of learning TM

I would say that just about from day 1 I felt a serene connectedness to something bigger than me,

I continued the practice and finished the course and headed upon the journey I live now, I have been meditation for about 7 months now and I’m happy to say and admit that threw transcendental meditation I have managed to re-find the beauty and the spark that is with in all of us, the spark I lost!

This spark I speak of is the connectedness to all living things

Through selfless actions of chemical abuse and an ego driven career I lost track of all thy was right with the world and could only focus on what was wrong with the myself in the world

The more i meditated the more I felt a sense of connectedness,

I felt oneness and I felt truly connected to everything.

Evidently I started to see the world differently and myself in the world completely differently as if I had new eyes for seen the world.

I started to feel I was no longer in the world and a lonely person against it fighting to survive and overcome self-inflicted problems,

But threw meditating it helped me realize the world is inside of me and I am not just a human being having a spiritual experience, I am a spiritual being having a human experience

I now embrace and love all I have learnt and have moved past this phase I was trapped in, and could just not overcome on my own.

And this believe me is thanks to meditation.

It has given me self-actualization threw and a realization to fulfill my own personal legend and thanks to the techniques and teaching of TM I have a method that is so simple and so easy but yet so affective to use that breathes life into me to want to strive forward very single day and live a fuller life of pure happiness an serenity.

There was this realization of complete connectedness to all things which became so evident and so obvious to me threw learning TM.

Meditation has been the greatest tool I have come to learn in my life without a question.

Meditation helps me to be the world!!!

And helps me realize every day that I am not a victim in the world, noo as this is what I once felt,

TM is the most effective tool I have come to learn in my journey to take back the life I have been blessed with and live it to the fullest!!!

I see real beauty and joy my life has to offer and I see the real beauty and joy I can bring to the world I am filled with peace contentment and love
I am confident and positive as well as super optimistic and excited for what very day has to offer

This is just the beginning of the journey and I welcome it and embrace it!!